Thursday, November 22, 2018

Message: Thanksgiving Greetings from Medford, Oregon

Good Day World!

After enjoying a superior cup of coffee on this rainy day in Medford, Oregon, I have a message for my regular (and new) readers:

"May this Thanksgiving Day bring you together with friends and family for a good time where you can appreciate the important things in life. 

Turkey and all the trimmings are fine, but visiting with loved ones - especially ones you don't get to see too often - is much more rewarding."

Okay. Here's some inspirational articles and videos about Thanksgiving Day in the news:

1) Obama Surprises Chicago Food Bank Volunteers and Helps prepare Thanksgiving Meal Bags

2) Thanksgiving Surprise: Couple Finds $1.8 Million Jackpot Lottery Ticket While Cleaning Up Their Home 

3) How A Hurricane-Devastated Community Is Coming Together For Thanksgiving

4) Thoughts On Thanksgiving Day from Andy Rooney (4 short videos)

5) Massachusetts Man Holds Massive Thanksgiving Dinner for Strangers Each Year - 'It Gives People Somewhere To Go'

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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