Monday, November 26, 2018

Fact vs Fiction: Trump's Alternate America Challenged

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Trump's role as liar in chief of a country trying to cling to democratic ideals under his authoritarian regime, has been an insidious attempt to create another reality.

An alternate reality where Trump tells you what to believe despite the facts flying in front of his orange face. 

Let's look at the latest example (I don't have the room in this post to list all of the examples since he slithered into office).

Mexico's incoming government denied that an official deal had been made regarding migrants staying in the country before entering the United States, despite what Trump told his Fox News buddies. To be fair, The Washington Post erroneously ran a story saying the agreement was a done deal at the same time. 

If there's a hint of deju vu here it's probably because we've heard similar claims of cooperation with Mexico when Trump told his base that Mexico was going to pay for "his wall."

The Mexican government laughed at Trump's assumption so he was forced to go to Congress to get American taxpayers to pay for it.

Frankly, I'm not sure his base understands they're paying for that "big, beautiful wall" that Trump likes to crow about. 

With time running out on getting his beloved wall built, Trump's threatening to take draconian measures like shutting the government down next month to get his way.

The nation's courts have had to impose restrictions on Trump's blatant unconstitutional attempts numerous times since he took office. 

His response to real world laws (that he sees as roadblocks to his agenda) has been to attack the highest court in the land and chief justice, John Roberts. That may be okay in his alternate reality, but the poetic price in the real world will be Roberts presiding over his impeachment trial.

Trump has tried hard to destroy nearly everything we hold dear in this nation in the past 500 days. He's caused some lasting negative impact that won't be easily reversed by his successors.

But...and I can't say this enough...freedom-loving Americans have stood up to the dark alternate reality that Trump has been selling.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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