Thursday, November 29, 2018

Looking For the Baby Trump Blimp at The G-20 Summit

Good Day World!

Eager fans of the Baby Trump Blimp are hoping it'll appear at the G-20 Summit this weekend.

Argentina's government has told it's citizens to leave Buenos Aires for the two-day summit because the capital is going to be on a complete lock down when world leaders meet there.

Still, those leaders will be greeted by 33 planned protests...and hopefully the Trump Baby Blimp. More than 22,000 police and security agents will be deployed during the summit.

Flights over the city will be diverted, and all train lines, subways and other modes of public transport in the city of 12 million will be closed.

What to look for when Trump meets other world leaders:

1. Will the Trump/Putin bromance be renewed?

2. Lover's quarrel - Will Trump and Putin even talk now that Russia's getting aggressive with the Ukraine? 

3. Will Trump and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman sneak off for some private time?

4. Will Trump and Chinese strongman Xi compare penis sizes or talk about tariffs?

5. Which country gets to sit next to bin Salman (hint: most leaders are probably going to try to avoid any contact with the murderous prince) during negotiations? 

The only thing that's sure about this summit is Trump is going to:
A. Act like a pompous ass,
B. Pick fights with other leaders,
C. Embarrass America (again),
D. All of the above.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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