Sunday, June 10, 2018

Someone Needs To Tell Trump That Threesomes Seldom Work Out

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Since that moment when Trump looked into Putin's eyes and fell in love with his authoritarian regime, it's been a bromance for the ages.

Clinging to the hope that Putin still loves him, Trump continues to look for ways to elevate Russia on the world stage. He still talks about Putin wistfully, looking forward to the day they can officially announce their bromance.

But there's trouble in River City Singapore.

Donny has been courting North Korea's dictator Kim for a while. He's gone so far as to arrange a meeting between the two. Something that's never happened since the Korean War came to an uneasy end.

It's obvious that Donny has fallen for another dictator and thus the upcoming rendezvous. I can see how he admires Kim's iron control of his people. Much like Putin's control over his people.

There's something about "strong men" that get's Trump hot. He barely conceals his desire to be a dictator. His attacks against our justice system, from the courts to the intelligence community, have undermined the rule of law in America.

His desire to do away with the free press increases every day. On his way to the meeting with Kim, Trump stopped and talked with reporters. When one identified himself as being from CNN Trump attacked him - calling the whole organization "Fake News." A term he proudly owns.

Here's the thing:

If Trump's meeting with Kim goes well and a budding bromance comes from their meet-and-greet opportunity, it could get dicey.

Remember Putin? He's not going to like losing his puppet-bitch to some fat Asian guy. He was convinced Trump was enchanted with his round eyes that resemble shark's lifeless orbs.

Before this gets out-of-hand and we have a three-way nuclear lover's spat, someone better tell Trump threesomes seldom work out well.

It's going to be a tough uphill battle though.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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