Saturday, June 16, 2018

Willful Ignorance Is at the Core of Trumpian Culture

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If you happened to watch Trump speak with reporters yesterday morning you were treated to an exhibition of willful ignorance. 

His interpretation of the IG's report was in opposition to the f
acts. The report concluded there was no political bias on the FBI's part during the 2016 election. 

Trump's willful ignorance has polluted social platforms and other more traditional means of communicating with the public.

In just over 500 days Trump has managed to make a base of zombies who easily embrace the alternate realities he uses to sway the gullible and fearful.

Friday's press scrum was a perfect example.

Trump claimed the IG's new report proved there was no collusion between him and Russia. The problem with that is the report didn't even address the subject.

He claimed the report exonerated him and proved there was bias against him in the FBI. If Trump had the ability to read something longer than two sentences he would have seen that the report said there was NO BIAS on the FBI's part during the elections.

He blamed the Democrats for parents being separated from their children at the southern border, but it was his policy of no tolerance that started the shameful separations.

Instead he opted for willful ignorance. It's a state of the mind he's very comfortable with. By adding lies to his repertoire Trump has managed to confuse many Americans and world leaders.

It's at the point that no one is sure when Trump lies or is telling the truth (something he rarely engages in). The safest policy in following Trump is when he opens his pie-hole you know he's lying. Simple.

As for those enablers of his in congress, they chose to embrace ignorance and Trump's lies over truth and standard morals and ethics. Let's see how that plays in the midterm elections.

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