Saturday, June 9, 2018

In Case You Thought The Putin-Trump Bromance Was Over, It Isn't

Good Day World!

As Trump stopped to chat with some reporters before leaving for the G-7 Summit yesterday, he casually threw out a verbal grenade.

He want's Russia to have a place back in the summit. "It use to be the G-8," our clueless Liar-In-Chief droned on to reporters who listened raptly to the crazy old bastard's babble.

He made it clear that Russia should be invited back into the group of the world's leading economies without paying a price for its illegal actions that led to its ouster.


Maybe he just wanted to muddy up the waters and distract from the fact that he's on an island with his stupid tariffs. Claiming to be "really tough" against Russia, Donny floated out the possibility that Putin and company "should be at the table."

I'm not sure what time of the day it was in Russia when Trump told reporters how Russia should be a player again, but if Putin was awake and heard that...he was smiling. Probably still smiling today.

Whatever Putin has on Trump, has been paying off in different ways, but this bald attempt to restore his lover boy to the economic summit in the future, had to rank high with his hopes for Donny boy.

Knowing that Trump's time in the White House may be limited after Mueller's report is released, Putin must be pushing for anything to benefit Russia right now. He knows that his "boy" is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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