Monday, June 11, 2018

Trump's Bigly Success At G-7 Impresses Kim So Much He Gives Up Nukes Before Meeting

                                             Good Day World!

An early report today suggest that Kim was so overawed by Trump's skillful negotiations in just one day at the G-7 Summit in Canada, that he contacted John Bolton and asked how quickly Trump wanted his nukes.

It was an awesome moment predicted by Hannity and Rudy; two of Trump's favorite suck-asses.

Trump sycophant and aide, Larry Kudlow, demonstrated to Kim that when it comes to getting his way, Trump will trash allies and enemies alike.

Claiming Trudeau stabbed Donny in the back, Kudlow came up with an alternate reality to what really happened. This tactic had been a favorite with the Trump administration that employs it daily.

Leaders all over the world are trembling. Trump's diplomatic powers have set a new standard for bullying and corruption in international politics. 

Russia was the first country this morning to advocate that Trump get the Nobel Peace Prize, but it was quickly followed by China, and the soon-to-be, one unified Korea.

Trump tweeted this morning, "Forget about that United We Stand stuff. Our country's new motto is One World Under Our Master Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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