Thursday, June 14, 2018

Trump's Bizarre Attempts at Diplomacy Are Depressing

Good Day World!

Mr. Art of the Deal has shown his chops by blowing up a G-7 Summit and then meeting with North Korea's dictator in what can only be described as a play from the Theatre of the Absurd.

After arriving at the G-7 Summit late, the petulant pussy we have for a president, attacked our closest allies (he actually didn't even want to go) and changed his mind at the last minute to sign a statement of agreement among the nations.

He blustered and boasted until the other world leaders had enough. Canada's Prime Minister held a press conference afterward, and said Canada won't stand for being bullied.

That's when Trump tore up the agreement he signed earlier and went on a tirade against Trudeau. This was only the warm-up to his carefully staged meeting with North Korea's ruthless dictator.

The Trump propaganda machine outdid itself and made an authentic trailer of a movie featuring Trump and Kim as super heroes out to save the planet.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of this pathetic production. The four-minute video in Korean and English was made in the style of an extended action movie trailer and portrayed Kim and Trump as men of destiny with the future of the world in their tiny hands.

In a display of Trumpian diplomacy, North Korea came out ahead of the meeting, but Trump acted like America was the winner. Facts show differently.

Kim was able to achieve what his father and grandfather were unable to do; he got a face-to-face meeting with an American president, legitimizing his regime...for nothing in return. 

In exchange, Kim signed a meaningless resolution without one detail how world peace would be achieved. His biggest achievement was convincing Trump to stop the regular war games with South Korea.

Our clever negotiator not only agreed to, but spun it for the American press that the war games were too expensive and (hold on to your hat) "too provocative!" If this term sounds familiar it ought to, Kim has been spouting it since he took over the rogue regime.

It's pretty clear who worked who in the much-ballyhooed summit. To add to the irony of this non-deal Trump came back to the states and told Americans they can rest easy now. "The world is safe now," our Liar-In-Chief claimed.

The rest of the country and Congress knows better.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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