Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Republicans No Longer Care About Norms Or Rules of American Politics

Good Day World!

It almost feels like an invasion.

An army of Trumpies are emulating their lord and master, Trump, and throwing out everything that use to keep politics from resulting in a country-dividing combat mission.

And why not? Trump has delivered on several of his campaign pledges, including tearing up the Iran treaty yesterday that the rest of the world signed onto with America in 2015.

Another world-wide pact was torn apart by Trump who ditched the Paris Environmental Treaty earlier in his presidency for no good reason.

Both broken American agreements were on Trump's agenda to please his base, as just about everything he's done so far has been for his rabid followers.

When the Republican Party realized that Trump was starting to get away with breaking laws, stifling truth, attacking the media, and in general assaulting everything good about America...they hopped on the Trump train to hell.

Increasingly "mini-me" Trumps are finding their master's voice and copying it as a blueprint to getting elected. Look no further than the child molester Roy Moore's campaign in Alabama where Trump backed him.

Some of the "mini-Trumps" are unabashedly just using the Liar-In-Chief's tactics without worrying about Trump's endorsement.

Don Blankenship is the most recent example of a rebellious breed of "mini-Trumps."

Blankenship, a convicted criminal who was held responsible for the deaths of 29 coal miners, ran against two other Republicans in the West Virginia primaries yesterday.

When Trump tweeted that he couldn't win and that Republicans should vote for one of the two other candidates, Blankenship just shrugged and pressed on with his campaign. He lost last night.

The question remains, how should Democrats react to the reduction of civility and truth that seems to be working for many Republicans today?

The Democrats must either take the high road, or the low road and emulate their opponents.

I'm hoping Americans will stand up for truth and equality when they go to the polls in November.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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