Monday, April 16, 2018

Fake News and Now Fake Photos in Trump Land

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It's a mystery to me why Sarah Sanders posted a photo (above) on twitter of Trump getting briefed on Syria, with Mike Pence next to him.

To even the casual observer there was one problem with the photo of our supposedly hands-on president doing his job next to his loyal puppet Pence who was also somehow speaking at a public forum in Peru at about the same time of the strike.

Other viewers, like myself, thought that was odd.

Everyone knew Mike Pence was in Peru for a summit with Ivanka and Jared. How could he possible be next to our Liar-In-Chief hundreds of miles away?

A former ethics chief tweeted that our enemies should be afraid because we've obviously developed a teleportation device which Pence must have used!

The big question is why? Why lie?

What was the purpose of showing an old photo of Trump and staff supposedly discussing Syria?

Could it be that Trump was totally out of control during the attack, after the revelations came out about the raid on his personal lawyer's home, office, and apartment?

Because his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, decided to keep tapes of almost all of his conversations, Trump knew he was in deep shit.

Applying logic to this little mystery will only go so far. We know the photo was from last year's Syria strike.

Yesterday Sarah Sanders reluctantly amended her mistake while also defending it in the next breath. She reread the twitter statement verbatim, and just changed the day the photo was said to be taken on Friday - to Thursday.

She gave no explanation why, or how that could have happened. Her sullen demeanor was probably due to embarrassment because she was caught lying again for Donny.

For the record, Sarah could have been inspired by Trump's misleading photo last month that claimed work had already started on his vaunted wall. In fact, the photo showed repairs made to an existing fence.

 Time for me to walk on down the road...

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