Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another Trumpie Violates Federal Spending Laws - What Will Trump Do?

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Trump's nominees have cycled in and out of the White House, and his administration, like suicidal lemmings.

They're all aware Trump could fire them if they make the mistake of pissing him off.

 Because Trump only picks the best - in this case the most corrupt - it's inevitable that some laws will catch up to his vermin when they stick their filthy little claws into the jelly bean jar.

So, it's no surprise EPA Administrator Scott "The Puke" Pruitt has been caught violating federal spending laws, according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) in an announcement yesterday.

The $43,000 soundproof phone booth that he had installed in his office last year was a clear violation of the law, not to mention the action of a paranoid schizophrenic.

No other administrator in the EPA's history felt a need for such an extravagant set-up that The Puke claimed was necessary. 

In an eight-page letter to lawmakers, GAO general counsel Thomas H. Armstrong said the agency failed to notify lawmakers that it was exceeding the $5,000 limit for agency heads to furnish, redecorate or otherwise make improvements to their offices.

Armstrong said the agency also violated the federal Antideficiency Act because it used appropriated funds in a manner specifically prohibited by the law.

Understand, this isn't the first time The Puke showed he didn't mind spending taxpayer dollars. 

The Pukes ambitious domestic, and international travel led to skyrocketing costs. His security detail racked up so much overtime that many have hit their annual salary caps of about $160,000.

The demands of providing 24-hour coverage even meant taking some investigators away from field work, such as when The Puke traveled to California for a family vacation.

The Puke has come under intense scrutiny for ethics issues and out sized spending.

Some highlights this far in his first 15 months in office:

Concerns were raised when The Puke gave massive raises to two of closest aides, and his rental of a Capitol Hill condo tied to a lobbyist who represents fossil fuel clients. He was only paying $50 a month for an apartment in Washington DC!

Despite everything noted above, Trump is resisting getting rid of him. The reason why is no secret.

No other Trump puppet has caused more damage to a government agency than The Puke has by carrying out Trump's agenda.

This latest salvo from the GAO, that The Puke HAS VIOLATED federal spending laws, is going to put Trump in an awkward place.

Just don't be surprised if he grants The Puke an instant pardon, and keeps his number one hit man!

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