Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trump's Bromance With Putin Angers Lawmakers On Both Sides of the Aisle

Good Day World!

Oh Donny boy!

You're really pissing some people off with your romance with that Russian dictator.

As hard as it was for me for me to believe, Mitch McConnell, the turtle look-alike who Americans have come to loath, stood up to Trump and said he was a bad boy for calling Putin to congratulate him on his rigged election.

Will wonders ever cease?

My favorite Republican senator, John McCain, called Putin a dictator who won a "sham" election. He's right, of course.

Democrats are calling for Donny's treasonous actions to be explained. They're dumbfounded that Trump made a call to a dictator who stole another election. 

Trump's infatuation with Putin has dark undertones. Why be so nice to a dictator whose country is trying to destroy America and our democracy?

It's no secret. Putin hates America. It's also no secret that Donny has a crush on the Russian strongman, who he was trying to do business with for over a decade.

Amazingly, with all the reports that have come from our intelligence community about how Russia disrupted the 2016 election, Trump is talking about meeting with him again.

I'm waiting to see what Trump is going to do about Robert Mueller. Former CIA Director Brennan suggested that Putin has something on Trump yesterday.

He's getting under Donny's skin. It's attack Mueller time again, and the legitimacy of the whole Russia investigation. Something his lawyers have pleaded with him not to do.

The question is will we ever find out why Donny is so enamored of Putin?

Does Putin have something he's blackmailing Donny with? Or, is Trump just in awe of someone who has such complete power over so many people?

I'm curious to see how long our lawmakers will put up with Trump's adoration of Putin before it becomes a real problem. Is there a red line drawn by anyone in Congress?

The sad thing is, I doubt it. We're going to find out the hard way why Putin and Trump have been in a relationship for years.

By then, it'll be too late.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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