Friday, March 23, 2018

GOP Fears 'Deep State,' a Monster of Trump's Own Making

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About the time Trump slung into office, far right circles (encouraged by Trump) created a conspiracy about a cabal of longtime government officials out for Donny's ass.

Trump uses the "deep state" term every time some government official thwarts him. He's convinced his followers there is a conspiracy against him.

He's also got at least one lawmaker in Washington D.C., drinking the kool aid too:

Meet Rep. Claudia Tenney who claimed the so-called “deep state” was responsible for ordering an extravagantly priced dining set for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson’s office. 

“Ben Carson is so misunderstood,” the New York Republican said on a local Upstate New York radio show before blaming an unnamed person in the deep state for ordering the furniture.

This is the kind of chaos Trump thrives on, and when supporters in the government back his ridiculous conspiracy theories, like Tenney, it's easy to see how much damage can be done.

Tenney's accusation fell apart when Carson claimed in a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on Tuesday that his wife was responsible for ordering the $31,000 dining set.

Chances are, Tenney was trying to get some points with Trump, by embracing his Deep State monster. 

As long as there are Republican trolls claiming an active conspiracy against Trump, it'll be a good smoke screen to use against collusion charges with Russia, and obstructing justice.

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