Saturday, March 24, 2018

Governing With Chaos: Don't Blink, Or You'll Miss Trump's Final Decision

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The scene unfolded Friday morning...

Trump watched his usual Fox and Friends early in the morning and when they said the new Omnibus Spending Bill was bad, he became concerned.

So concerned, he tweeted that he might Veto the bill when it comes to his desk just hours before he was supposed to sign it!

Understandably, that caused a panic with GOP lawmakers.

If not for General McMaster's advocacy for the military during lunch with Trump he might have vetoed the bill.

But because McMasters was the last person to speak to him, he decided to sign it.  

Trump really didn't like the bill. It was McMaster's argument that our military would be in jeopardy if he didn't, that eventually swayed him.

Or, so he said in a press conference.

There were a lot of bitter pills to swallow in the bill according to Trump's advisors at Fox and Friends. Trump was also uneasy about increasing the national debt by another 1.2 trillion dollars.

It's unknown if Trump even read part of the bill. Reading is not his thing. Most of the lawmakers in Congress didn't read the entire bill; a fact that nearly everyone involved admits.

It was hurried through because Congress wanted to take a vacation next week, and it didn't want a government shutdown.

The fact that the Democrats got any concessions infuriated Trump. He tried to frame the failure of not having DACA included in the bill on the Democrats.

By the time all of this sinks in, and people have read the entire bill, there's going to be a lot of finger pointing done by both sides.

Just wait until Trump's base find out that the bill included a raise for Congress!

That's not going to appear like he's draining the swamp...on the contrary, it's a real time case of him FEEDING the swamp!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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