Saturday, March 4, 2017

Intel Patriots Protected Evidence of Russian/Trump Connection

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When Trump won the presidency, officials from all 18 intelligence agencies scrambled to save evidence they were collecting on collusion between his campaign and the Russians. 

Citing unnamed former officials, the New York Times says Obama's aides left a "trail of evidence" across different government agencies to prevent the incoming Trump administration from covering up or destroying evidence.

That evidence is surfacing like a wrathful watchman for freedom. 

First, Trump's pick for National Security Adviser Michael Flynn gets caught lying about his conversation with a Russian official during the election.

Now we find out another Trump pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, met twice with the Russian Ambassador of the United States (when he claimed under oath he didn't communicate with the Russians).

This isn't over. As more little Trump IEDS are discovered by Congress, Republicans are going to be faced with a tough choice when evidence against Trump personally (tax records?) proves he was in cahoots with Putin.

That's treason.

Ironically, the House recently voted NOT to look into Trump's taxes.Odd. Collusion somewhere? You bet.

Will there be more Trump surrogates exposed in the days and months ahead? You bet.

How about Billionaire Wilbur Ross who was just confirmed as Commerce Secretary? There's questions over his Russian ties such as his relationship with a Cypriot bank that has ties to Putin allies.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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