Sunday, January 17, 2016

Results in for Latest Episode of Who is the Biggest Liar?

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Let's take a look at last weeks episode of "Who is the Biggest Liar?" aka, the latest Republican debate.

Picking right up on the theme that has run throughout the primaries, the Republican candidates didn't hestitate to pounce upon one another in their quest to see whose pants burned up first!

Ted Cruz rang the bullshit bell when asked about loans from two large banks totaling as much as $1 million that fueled his 2012 Senate campaign. He admitted he failed to disclose the loans to the Federal Election Commission saying, "Yes I made a paperwork error." 

Citing a mere "paperwork error" in failing to report to the FEC glossed over the fact that the law requires candidates to make such reports to the election regulators.

To compound his "little error" he never addressed the fact that a large chunk came from Goldman Sachs, where his wife works as an executive, and whether that might have made the loan possible.

Ben Carson's claim that Islamic State militants are smoking cigars and sitting around in chairs at our expense is patently false.
If Ben would have done his homework he'd know that IS fighters not only don't smoke anything(!), but also impose draconian fines on people who they catch smoking.
Donald Trump tried to deny he ever said anything about favoring a 45% tax on Chinese goods. "That's wrong. They're wrong," he sniveled.
Trump began wriggling out of his idea for a massive tax on Chinese goods soon after he told the Associated Press last week that he would impose one and that "the tax should be 45 percent."
Sorry Donald, but it's in print, and you know you said it.
Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio all played the same fiddle when they claimed "Every American weapon system has been gutted." 
These broadsides were stated in sweeping terms that reflect defense budget cuts approved by a Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by Obama.
Actually some key elements of the military have expanded, including the special operations forces.
The defense budget problem has been worsened by repeated partisan conflicts over "sequestration," or automatic budget cuts that resulted from the 2011 budget control agreement between the White House and the Congress. (Information gathered from AP reports)
And the winner of Who is the Biggest Liar is...(drum roll) Donald Trump! (Doubling down on a proven fact gave him the edge in this next-to-last episode.)
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