Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part Three: Bob the Cat's Great Adventure and New Life

Good Day World!

Thanks for coming back for the conclusion of Bob the Cat's story.

They said he couldn't be adopted. That he was feral. It didn't help when we brought Bob back in the airplane and he went nuts! 

For a brief time, I imagined the plane having to make an emergency stop because Bob broke loose and was rampaging through the cabin.

Didn't happen.

When we finally got home Bob was slowly awakening. We had prepared a place for him in our walk-in closet so he wouldn't be overwhelmed by our two cats and pug, Molly.

We'd take turns going in and just petting him. As the weeks turned to months he started to venture out and was showing us the sweet side that was concealed inside.

After just a few months he became friends with the rest of the animals and shared food and a cat box with them. One of our cats, Oliver, is blind and Bob has attached himself to him and is now his faithful sidekick.

Bob has a funny little cry, almost a chirp. We believe he has a lot of Maine Coon in him. He's only two years old, and Maine Coons keep growing until they're around five.

He's a husky boy and outweighs both Oliver and our other cat Tom. But he's so passive with them all it's amazing. He really has a sweet nature. He just needed a chance.

Bob's transformation has been miraculous. I guess it just shows the power of love. He totally trusts us to pick him up now and is very much part of our family.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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