Friday, January 22, 2016

If You're a Female You Don't Want to Live in This Country!

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Women are marginalized all over the world.

But there's one country that stands out more than any other when it comes to women being killed, raped and harassed daily.

"Things are very gloomy for women, and it's getting worse," activist and campaigner Wazhma Frogh told NBC News .

Last spring this story broke:

Farkhunda murder: Afghan Judge jails 11 Cops Over Slaying 

The brutal attack against 27-year old Farkhunda, a religious scholar, prompted a protest movement -#JusticeForFarkhunda

According to Afghanistan's Women Peace and Security Research Institute, criminality and violence are the heart of the problem.

The real sad part is women got a positive boost from the American occupation and that's rapidly deteriorating as we withdraw our troops.

The country with the highest rates of domestic abuse is only going to get worse. Check this link out:

Afghanistan: No Country for Women

It seems females only chance for leading a better life is to leave Afghanistan. 
For all I know there's already an underground movement to help women escape from their tormentors.

If there is, I wish them the very best.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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