Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Part Two: Bob the Cat's Great Adventure and New Life

Good Day World!

Glad to see you back to find out what happened to Bob the Cat.

As you recall, Bob, my wife Shirley, and I were 30,000 feet in the sky when things started going bad.

The brand new, highly recommended, cat carrier was losing the battle because Bob was clawing and biting his way though it!
The carrier was located in front of her and beneath the passenger in front.

She used her foot - out of reflex she said afterward - to plug the growing gap. Mistake! Bob bit her big toe! She reached down with both hands and squeezed the carrier together, temporarily stemming the attack.

Visions of a wild cat breaking loose and attacking passengers danced in my head as I cowered in my seat helplessly watching the drama unfold.

The carrier was bouncing steadily now as an infuriated Bob attempted to tear through at another place. With options running out, Shirley pulled the carrier out while holding it upside down and together, and headed for the rear of the plane.

A couple of stewardesses sitting in the rear watched her in awe. They could see she was containing a violent little animal and coming their way.


For the record, we got sleeping tablets from the veterinarian and gave him one before we left. It obviously wasn't enough.

By this time Bob had bitten two of Shirley's fingers and clawed her hands. She managed to get inside the bathroom and pulled out another sleeping pill.

Somehow, I'll never know how, but she managed to get that pill down Bob's throat. Holding the thrashing carrier in front of her she stepped outside and was greeted by two worried stewardesses.

They provided band aids and a cardboard carrying tray to hold against the biggest gap in the carrier. When we got back the passenger that was next to Shirley had moved (smart man).

Now it was just a matter of time - we hoped - before the second pill would calm him down. Meanwhile he thrashed around like a demon and cursed the human race!

About 30 minutes later we began our assent to Portland international Airport. Bob was resting quietly when we landed.

We had one more flight ahead of us to go to Medford Airport. Instead of a short wait it turned out we missed our connecting flight and ended up having to spend the night there.

Sitting in chairs. Lying on the floor. A temporary moment of panic when Bob came to and the carrier came to life! Shirley took out another sleeping pill and managed to get it past Bob's fangs. 

In the next post we take Bob home. Find out what happened and his current status in Part Three. Read yesterday's post for backround.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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Il Fotografo di Fiori said...

I'm turning you both into Homeland Security. Meow.

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