Wednesday, November 18, 2015

College Protests Disturbing Message – ‘Only Black Lives Matter’

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As a former college student, I don’t see anything wrong with legitimate social protests on campus. For better, or worse, this country has a long history of student activism.

However, I think the current student protests have some very disturbing elements:

First, here’s some backround material for you to consider: 

Today student activists are calling their latest movement #StudentBlackOut — a collective day of action where student leaders are encouraged to organize events that, according to Yamiesha Bell, one of the organizers, uplift Blackness.

Racial Discrimination Protests Ignite at Colleges Across the U.S.

After days of protests, students occupy building at Occidental College

3 University of Kansas student leaders called on to resign

Second, here’s the response to the protests:

Backlash brews against student race protests at Claremont McKenna College

Debating the Campus Protests at Mizzou, Yale, and Elsewhere

Columbia protesters cheer: 'I love black criminals'

Third, it’s scary to think students want to run our colleges and are actually moving in that direction with a series of threats and accusations of racism.

If you took the opportunity to read the links above, one of the central points that surfaces is the protests are an extension of Black Lives Matter (a political group). They talk about Black Spaces (University of Missouri) where no other ethnic groups are allowed.

Just like today, it’s all about uplifting blackness.

The students at Mizzou got their way by enlisting the football team to threaten not to play (thus the school would lose millions of dollars), thus setting up the possibility of repeat performances at other colleges.

Student activists are pestering peers to attend campus protests and walk-outs in solidarity with college students at Missouri and Yale or risk social isolation, students say.

Finally, this whole movement traces back to an incident at Mizzou that’s never been verified. I’m talking about a supposed swastika made from feces smeared on a black dorm door.

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