Friday, October 9, 2015

Gowdy’s Vendetta Against Hillary Exposed, But Continues

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There isn’t anything Trey Gowdy wouldn’t do to make sure Hillary Clinton is not elected president.

No big deal you say…there’s plenty of other conservatives that are making it a mission to derail Clinton’s campaign.

True. But none of them are so blatantly using taxpayer money to fund their vendetta against Hillary Clinton like Trey Gowdy is. He’s had the gall to waste millions of taxpayer dollars in pursuit of his political plans to discredit Hillary - instead of really trying to get to the bottom of what happen in the Benghazi incident where four Americans died.

Gowdy, as House Select Committee on Benghazi chairman, has unabashedly directed all efforts towards targeting Hillary.  Gowdy’s name, image, and position has been used to solicit political donations by Stop Hillary PAC, which describes itself as “created for one reason only—to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States.

Gowdy has not held any of the hearings on his schedule (he initially had an investigative plan that set out monthly hearings  with all the different agencies involved in preparing for and responding to the attacks in Benghazi, including the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Intelligence Community).

The only hearing actually scheduled thus far however, is with Hillary Clinton.

The Committee has never held even one public hearing with anyone from the Department of Defense. Why?

The Committee was given an unlimited, taxpayer-funded budget, and it has now spent more than $4.6 million in one of the longest and least productive investigations in congressional history—focused on Clinton.

The Committee is being used by Republican fundraisers to attack Clinton.The Committee’s attacks were described by the conservative PAC America Rising as a taxpayer-funded political activity. 

Gowdy’s approach has been criticized even by conservative commentators who fear that it will forever be plagued by allegations of unfairness, and politics if this investigation is dragged into 2016. (full article source)

They should be concerned because Gowdy isn’t going to end his vendetta until after the elections.

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