Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Really? After failing 50 times House GOP Tries To Gut Obamacare Again!

Republican members of the House are once again caught in a Ground Hog Day cycle trying to destroy the Affordable Health Care Act.

This time, Republicans are using a special process that prevents Senate Democrats from blocking the legislation.

Under this special process, called reconciliation, the Senate can pass legislation with just 51 votes.

Isn’t that convenient? There’s 54 Republicans in the House.

Under Senate rules, minority Democrats have blocked most legislation because it requires 60 votes to advance a bill.

Here’s the kicker, even taking their devious route through this special process won’t achieve anything. President Obama can veto it.

The Republicans all know this is a wasted exercise. It’s about playing politics just to tell their extreme fan base they tried to overturn the evil health care law...again (apparently they need a lot of reassuring).

Is this what most of their constituents really want? A group of politicians who pander to ideology rather than reality? To continue attacking America’s health care system takes a certain blindness that’s polarizing our country.

For the record; official congressional estimates say that gutting the law will result in 15 million fewer people with health insurance by 2025. How can that be touted as a victory for the GOP?

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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