Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Potpourri of Pope Stories for Sunday

Good Day World!

The Pope is welcome everywhere he visits.

I’m not a Catholic, or a particularly religious person, but I think he’s a nice guy.

I respect a lot of things he stands for – especially when it comes to helping the poor in this world.

In my humble estimation, Pope Francis is a “real” person. His compassion for all is a lesson for the leaders of the world. Here are seven examples of what I mean:

* Pope Francis in Philadelphia Mass Calls for Church to Place Greater Value on Women

* Pope Francis, in New York, Takes On Extremism and Inequality

* The Pope asks Who Am I To Judge?

* Pope Francis, in Congress, Pleads for Unity on World’s Woes

* Pope Francis to Congress: We’re All Immigrants

* Pope Francis on the True Meaning of Poverty

* Pope Francis Reminds the World To Care About Poverty

You don’t have to be Catholic to respect Pope Francis. His actions speak for themselves.

I agree with him – the man – because he’s not afraid to talk about global warming or capitalistic greed in one breath, and caring for the poor in the next.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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