Monday, September 28, 2015

Invisibility Cloaks in Fiction and Fact

                                Good Day World!

Have you ever read the novel, The Invisible Man?

The reason I ask is because what was once science fiction is now fact.

Did you know that physicists have figured out the optical parameters for a magic trick they characterize as a kind of "invisibility cloak?"

Invisibility cloaks have been getting a lot of press over the years.

That's not only because Harry Potter put his fictional cloak to such good use, but also because researchers have been using high-tech metamaterials to create structures capable of bending light around an object to keep it hidden.

Physics professor John Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi are co-authors of a paper about the "Rochester Cloak" that has been submitted to the journal Optics Express.

Oh, yeah.

And there’s a lot of other invisible applications currently in use by our military. Like this one for instance. Here’s another one you should check out invisibility camo uniforms for our soldiers!

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