Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Meets With Homophobic Clerk to Reassure Her She’s Doing the Right Thing!


Talk about good will disappearing like smoke.

When the Pope decided to secretly meet with homophobe Kim Davis he sent the wrong message…or did he? Was the meeting proof that the Pope still doesn’t think homosexuals should get marriage licenses?

Given all the people and groups in America the Pope could have embraced, he embraces this symbol of the hate-filled and self-proclaimed “Christian-right.”

What a clear statement about theology of the church of Rome.  In my mind he has demonstrated that he is a politician and has no moral or Christian integrity.


On the Twitter wire: “If there were a nuclear war today, the only things living tomorrow would be Kim Davis, and cockroaches.”


By meeting with Kim Davis, especially if he did say "Thank you for your courage" and "Stay strong", the Pope has completely undone everything conciliatory that he did on the US visit and indeed, undone all his statements since he became Pope that appeared to show he had an open attitude to views of morality different from his own.

He now shows clearly that he remains firmly on the side of religious bigots. If the pope was stupid enough to waste his time on her then that's his problem.

By the way, Davis’s apostolic church believes Catholicism is a false religion that gives it's power to the beast in Revelation. But to a hypocrite like her, certain things can be ignored.

She's changed her mind on other things and went against the teachings of her "Bible" (church), by selling licenses to divorced couples, so I suppose constantly changing her religious beliefs is just another step in her life time of convenient decision making.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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