Saturday, May 30, 2015

Protest Aftermath: Baltimore Residents Killing Each Other in Record Numbers

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Talk about ironic.

Residents of West Baltimore, are now saying there’s not enough cops on the street.

As everyone knows, cops have been reviled in Baltimore, with accusations of over policing.

So far this month, 36 people have been killed in Baltimore. That’s already the highest homicide count for May since 1999. But while homicides are spiking, arrests have plunged more than 50 percent compared to last year.

The drop in arrests followed the death of Freddie Gray from injuries he suffered in police custody. Gray's death sparked protests against the police and some rioting, and led to the indictment of six officers.

Now West Baltimore residents worry they've been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them. In recent weeks, some neighborhoods have become like the Wild West without a lawman around, according to residents.

The scary thing about this situation is it could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to policing in the future. 

When a black person is killed by officers – whether in the line- of-duty, or not - the black community lashes out at ALL police officers.

Therefore it should come as no surprise if the same situation pops up in other cities. African American organizations have been reviling police departments throughout the country this year.

As a direct result of this attitude, I expect to see more cities experiencing pull-backs from police departments in predominantly black sections to avoid getting sued for doing their job.

It’s up to African-American leaders in this nation to do something about it. If they don’t start changing the hate dialogue towards law enforcement they can expect to see increased homicides in the very communities that are protesting against them.

Now West Baltimore residents worry they've been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them.

Black against black violence accounts for considerably more deaths than cops killing blacks. It’s time that African-Americans get their priorities straight and mainstream back into society.

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