Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Reality Show: ‘Wrecking Rehabs in America’

   Good Day World!

After the tremendous viewership of Handling Sharks for Christ (see 5/21 post) I’ve decided to share a series of new reality shows for your continued entertainment.

Today’s entry (#2) is – Wrecking Rehabs in America

Are you tired of watching all those TV shows about people fixing up decrepit houses and then selling them? Seems like there’s no end of them. Ready for a change of pace?

Here you go: 

A couple (any combination) goes to recently refurbished houses that are for sale. Posing as prospective buyers, the couple have to see how much destruction they can cause without alerting the realtor showing the house.

The most popular plan is to split up, one going with the realtor, and the other one trailing behind and causing havoc.

The contestants get to go to three houses during the hour show.

After an evaluation of the damage, the house with the most destruction becomes the couple’s entry for the final show – where they could win a house of their own to destroy!

The panel of judges will consist of hardened criminals from a different maximum security prison every week. They’ll be looking for creativity and quantity of mayhem.

The host for the show will be Arizona’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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