Monday, May 25, 2015

Patriot Fans Hold Rally for Cheater Tom Brady

                          Half God, half man…Tom Brady                 

                          Good Day World!

Sports fans can be a little nutty at times.

As a Laker fan, I can attest to that. Some fans go to great lengths to support their team, or favorite player, regardless of any allegations made against them.

The most recent case of fans ignoring what’s right or wrong with a sports figure features GQ pretty boy Tom Brady. He was caught cheating, along with a couple of assistants.

The evidence was clear. Deflated footballs designed to give Brady an advantage.

But that doesn’t bother his rabid fans who’d forgive him if he beat up a girl scout! In a recent nationwide poll people were asked if Tom Brady was railroaded by the NFL?

Every state in the country, but one, agreed with Brady’s sentence of a four-game suspension.

The holdout? No surprise. Massachusetts had a majority of people who thought Brady got a bad deal and shouldn’t have been fined.

Some hardcore fans gathered yesterday outside of Gillette Stadium and held a “Free Tom Brady rally.” They protested “the unjust football arrest” of half God and half man Tom Brady.

This undying fan support, regardless of reality, is what I’m talking about. Brady was caught cheating. Get over it!

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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