Thursday, January 23, 2014

A child is hurt every 22 minutes in shopping cart accidents in USA

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It would be a better day if American parents were pickier about shopping cart safety for their children. Unlike other countries, the U.S. lacks stability standards for shopping carts.

I wish someone could explain why that’s a fact. Are we really that lax with our own children’s safety?

Apparently we are. A new study confirms shopping carts are dangerous, with an estimated 66 children a day hurt in falls and spills.

That’s one child injured badly enough every 22 minutes to go to the emergency room, or more than 24,000 children a year, according to research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Just last week, a 19-year-old worker at an Alaska Home Depot caught a baby in mid-air after she fell out of a shopping cart. Christopher Strickland of Anchorage rescued the girl seconds before her head would have hit the concrete floor.

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Carl Hand-up said...

I cannot tell you the number of times children have been left unattended and hasn't been using the seat belts in shopping carts.

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