Monday, August 26, 2013

Forget about the Bulls! How about a Running of the Politicians?

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Folks are getting a thrill of a lifetime by letting bulls chase them!

Good Day World!

 Here’s what’s happening; Americans are importing one of Spain’s oldest rituals, “The Running of the Bulls.”

 As you’ll see in this video, people are doing it for an adrenalin rush. There’s a lot of young bored people who feel this experience will show how macho they are. Or, whatever.


'Exhilarating': 4,000 run from the bulls in US event modeled after Pamplona


The reality is this little dash for life is far from life-affirming, and possibly a unique way to depart the planet. For those individuals with suicide on their mind, this will be more dramatic than jumping off a bridge. Of course one has to pay for the privilege.   

From what I’ve read, not that many people in Spain have been killed over the centuries while running from those pissed-off bulls! But this is America folks! Whatever significance it held for the Spaniards is one thing, but for Americans it’s just another chance to make asses out of ourselves! We’ll probably have more casualties than Spain has ever had during the first year of these bull runs.

My suggestion is we need to focus more on this idea of the “running of the bulls” and make it a more significant event by enacting our own set of four rules for the race:

One, only politicians running for office will run from the bulls. It’ll be mandatory in every election from the state level to the national level! That will help us weed out the whimps in these campaigns.

Two, all political parties will take part. No exceptions.

Three, all runoff-elections will be decided by double the amount of bulls chasing the contestants.

Four, winners simply have to be the first to cross the finish line…alive and not impaled on a bull’s horns!

Thank you for stopping by ladies and gentleman. The next running of the politicians will be…

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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