Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some Tea Party goals co-opted by Republicans who don’t want to be associated with their movement

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Remember the Tea Party Movement?

Surely, you haven’t forgotten about those guys with the Tricorn hats and muskets parading around with protest signs? Are you wondering what happened to that fun bunch?

Like most social movements, according to some political scientists: a major political party co-opted them.

The GOP has done just that by weeding out some of it’s crazier crusaders like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Consider the Tea Party's calls for balanced budgets, liberty, states’ rights, and the elimination of earmarks -- they're all staples of today's GOP.

One reason why the Tea Party, four years later, has moved from a political force to a relative afterthought is its unpopularity. Smart Republicans today, distance themselves from the Tea Party movement, or face angry constituents and voters who have rejected the angry rhetoric of the group.

According to a Jan. 2013 NBC/WSJ poll, only 23 percent of Americans viewed the Tea Party positively, versus 47 percent who viewed it negatively – down from its net-positive 28 percent-to-21 percent rating in Jan. 2010.

But the same 2013 poll found the Tea Party still remains popular among GOP respondents.

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