Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a toss-up! On the last day of the season the Laker's fate will be sealed

Dwight Howard & Pau Gasol have to play great tonight!  

It doesn't get anymore dramatic than this. This is what sports is all about. 
On the final day of the season, the Lakers must win or go home and watch the playoffs from their big screen TVs.
And the have to win without Kobe Bryant! Impossible? I don't think so. It's a home game against the Rockets, a team they beat twice this season, and who they hold the tie-breaker with in playoff seeding situations.
Look to Steve Blake to have a big game. He scored a season best in his last game to help beat the Spurs, sans the Black Mamba. Jamison will have to hit a lot of 3's as well as Meeks. Clark hasn't been too much of a presence lately, but look for him to break out of his mini-slump.
Will Steve Nash play? That's a game time decision. It just depends if he thinks he can compete with that bad hamstring. I wouldn't count on him playing however.
GO LAKERS! You can do it!

The Lakers beat Houston in Overtime to get the 7th seed!
What a game for Gasol (a triple-double), Howard & Blake. Meeks pitches in 10 and Jamison 16.


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