Monday, March 18, 2013

Bounty from the Sea: 2000 Pounds of Pot Scattered on Shoreline

Imagine you’re just going for a stroll on Arroyo Camada Beach and you stumble upon a bunch of big packages just sitting there…alone and unattended.

What do you do? The packages look suspicious, and you suspect there’s marijuana inside them. Do you grab one and run, hoping no one will see you stumbling along with it?

Photo from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department

There’s no way to know for sure who found this little 2000 pound treasure trove of Ganja, but the street value is estimated at $4 million. Santa Barbara authorities discovered a panga-style boat near the beached stash.

The word is, 20 panga-style boats have landed on this stretch of beach in the last two years. As for grabbing one of these bundles of boo, if I accidently stumbled upon it, I’d turn and run as fast as my out-of-shape 62-year old legs could go!

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