Saturday, March 30, 2013

And the Hate Goes on: KKK to Celebrate White Unity Today In Tennessee

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Today’s topic is a reminder that racial hatred is alive and thriving in the south these days. The KKK are rallying today in Memphis, in what’s being termed a “White Unity Day.”

Organizers promise hundreds of Klansmen will descend on Memphis from North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia and Maryland today.
"There's so many coming, it's hard for me to keep track of 'em," said Imperial Wizard Chris Barker, who is the head of the Loyal White Knights, which has a presence in 15 states, mostly east of the Mississippi.

The Klan's agenda is pretty simple: Send the immigrants back where they came from, silence the homosexuals and the communists (known as liberals today), promote sobriety and abstinence, end abortion, and discourage the mingling of races in a way "God never intended."

Anyone that thinks racism isn’t a major problem in this country today has their head in the sand.

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