Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lesson For The Day: Jazz and Xena Show People How to Live In Harmony

              Good Day Humboldt County!

  When it comes to learning how to live with one another, humans could really take some pointers from the animal kingdom.

  We have problems living with one another if our skin color is different, or if we speak different languages. Can you imagine what problems we would have with another so-called intelligent species?

  Now take a look at these two buddies (photo by Jamie Hanson / Rex USA) and behold, no barriers).

“A pig and a parrot may seem an unlikely pair of friends, but Xena and Jazz are bosom buddies. Xena the miniature pig and his best mate, Jazz the Quaker parrot (also known as a monk parakeet), live with their owner, Nichole Willett, in Brisbane, Australia. According to Nichole, despite being from completely different species, 5-month-old Xena and 16-month-old Jazz are like brother and sister.

In particular, she says, the pair love nothing better than chasing each other. Nichole comments: "Xena is the wild one, she loves to chase Jazz around the house." "I guess it is unfair because Jazz can fly, but if he lands on the ground, Xena has got him." (source)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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