Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Casting Call: Nationwide search is on for single dad raising sons

                       Good Day Humboldt County!

I got this interesting email yesterday and decided to pass it on to you. It’s about a talent search for a single dad raising sons. You never know, there may be a budding star out there in the hinterlands of Humboldt County right now waiting for this big break. Well, here it is:

“Writing you today regarding an article you wrote on single dads and parenting.  http://www.times-standard.com/guest_opinion/ci_20877339/it-stands-tribute-single-custodial-fathers

I am casting a new docu-series about the day to day of a single dad raising three boys.  Kind of like a modern version of My Three Sons.  Seeking a dad living in a very rural area. 

Contacting you regarding any possible candidates you may know of and about passing my info along. If they are interested, then they can contact me.”

Mark Dalbis - Casting World of Wonder - 323-603-6300 x268 www.worldofwonder.net

                                                                      Press Release:

An Emmy Award Winning Production Company is searching nationwide for a single dad raising his sons for a new docu-series. Are you a single dad raising your boys trying to do your best be a good father figure? Do you think your family is larger than life and ready for their close-up? If so, they may want to hear from you! To submit, shoot an email to:

Be sure to include a brief description of your family, where you live, describe the structure of your household. Tell us about the kids you raise, their ages, and personality. Include photos of as many family members as possible & a phone number where casting can reach you.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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