Monday, June 4, 2012

Fantastic New Invention: Sleep anywhere in public and people won’t know!

 Designer Jamie O’Shea must have really wanted a nap when he created his vertical bed design. The vertical allows the user to sleeping standing up right in the middle of the street. Not satisfied without testing his own creation, O’Shea slept for 40 minutes in downtown New York. The bed design can be collapsed into a small suitcase and is attached to a subway vent when in use. The user gets a peaceful rest, as the bed comes with noise canceling headphones, opaque sunglasses and a free-standing umbrella for napping in the rain. Next time you walking down the street and feeling tired, simply set up the vertical bed and take a nap.

I can see politicians of all stripes wanting one of these vertical beds. It has to beat bumping their heads on desks and podiums while trying to stay awake during long meetings.

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Utility Patents said...

I do not see the purpose of creating that thing. If you sleep anywhere you could be in danger. It's not anymore safe to sleep in the public.