Thursday, June 7, 2012

Election Madness 2012: White supremacist wins county GOP seat

How could a self-avowed skinhead have won a seat on a Republican committee? This surprising article not only explains how, but also exposes a flaw in the system. The GOP committee’s current bylaws don’t include a provision that would allow a member to be expelled for his/hers beliefs so they’re stuck with Steven Smith.

“Leaders of the Republican Committee of Luzerne County, Pa., are trying to figure out whether they can oust a reputed white supremacist who was elected to the committee with one vote – his own.

Steven Smith, co-founder of a racist group called the Keystone State Skinheads, was elected to one of two committee seats for his district, Pittston City's Ward 4, during Pennsylvania’s April 24 primary election.

The county GOP chief said that as much as other committee members want to distance themselves from Smith, their hands are tied for now by committee bylaws.” (Continue reading the story here)

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