Friday, June 8, 2012

As It Stands Unique People: Part one – meet Derek Amato muscial genius

Amato’s life-changing head-injury happened in 2006 when he was horsing around with some friends.

I’m launching a new feature for this blog today – As It Stand’s Unique People. I love reading about people who do unique things and lead unique lives.

My definition of a unique life is one lived off the beaten path. People are often in awe of what another person does and either considers them a genius or a crazy person.

      My first candidate is Derek Amato: 

“When Derek Amato crashed headfirst into the hard bottom of a pool, he was scared about what he might have done to his brain. But amazingly the fallout from that accident wasn’t all bad.

Along with the headaches and other post-concussion symptoms, the accident brought Amato an unexpected gift: it turned him into a musical savant.” (Continue reading the story here)

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