Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 10 Countries That Read This Blog for Whatever Reason… and Why Do the Bulgarians Like Me?

 Looking over my visitor lists for April I was struck by how Bulgaria has been contributing more and more readers every month.

I have relatives in The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but none that I know of in Bulgaria. It just strikes me odd that my blog is becoming popular in Bulgaria. (That even sounds funny doesn’t it?)

             Readership -Top Four Countries 

United States -24,247; United Kingdom - 6,038; Bulgaria - 4,309; Canada - 3,154 - The Remaining Six: India –1,745; Germany – 1,628; Australia – 1,012; Russia – 856; France – 748; and the Philippines – 596. A Total of 40,0679 visitors for April.

After nearly four years of blogging, I still can’t predict what posts will be the most popular. One reader demographic that has stayed steady throughout my blogging has been from public schools, and colleges. Students of all ages seem to find it amusing. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. I know I get a lot of new traffic on Sundays when my newspaper column comes out because I listed my blog URL on my tagline. The majority comes from the Internet Explorer search browser, followed by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. In other words…randomly.

Thank you all for stopping by in April. I hope you find May as interesting.

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