Monday, January 30, 2012

The Road Back: Let’s keep ‘walking like Egyptians’ and party hard!

      Good Day Humboldt County!

 You’ve probably heard the old adage “There’s nothing new under the sun,” and when it comes to party animals the ancients set the standard.

Sometimes we need to take a road that leads us back in time to realize how long mankind has been a pleasure-loving species that enjoys altered states from booze and/or drugs.

Today let’s “walk like an Egyptian!”

Summertime fun isn't a modern invention: Ancient cultures liked to let the good times roll as well. Some celebrated with a few drinks. Others partied hard through the night. There were days at the spa, nights at the theater and time to play a little ball. The evidence for the good times in past eras comes from archaeologists who painstakingly dig through ancient remains. The fruits of their efforts help piece together tales showing how today's leisurely shenanigans are just the latest incarnation of cultural customs quite old.

Take the ancient Egyptians, for example. Not only did they drink beer to excess, they had an annual "festival of drunkenness" dedicated to the cause. Participants got wasted, had gratuitous sex and woke the next day to blaring music, according to an Egyptologist excavating a temple in Luxor where the festivities occurred. The debauchery even had a point: re-enactment of a myth about an evil goddess who became a savior after being tricked into drinking mass quantities of beer. The drawing above is based on a wall painting that depicts the festivities.” (Read the story here)

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