Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surfer stands on Great White Shark, apple allergies, and report asks where Pentagon money is going

Doug Niblack

  Good Morning Humboldt County!

What a great day! Are you ready for a cup of coffee and a few stories to get your day going? Grab a chair and stay awhile:

Oregon surfer tells of standing on Great White

Doug Niblack was trying to catch another wave before going to work, when his longboard hit something hard as rock off the Oregon Coast and he suddenly found himself standing on the back of a thrashing great white shark.

Looking down, he could see a dorsal fin in front of his feet as he stood on what he described as 10 feet of back as wide as his surfboard and as black as his own Neoprene wetsuit. A tail thrashed back and forth and the water churned around him like a depth charge went off. "It was pretty terrifying just seeing the shape emerge out of nothing and just being under me," he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "And the fin coming out of the water. It was just like the movies."

When an apple allergy suddenly appears

Imagine this: You take a bite of a crisp fall apple and notice your lips feel a little itchy. An odd sensation, but you ignore it and take another bite. Now your tongue is itchy too. After another bite, the itch spreads to your throat. As you swallow the apple, your throat starts to swell. The weird thing is, you're not allergic to apples; you've eaten them all your life. So what's up?

“I like to call oral allergy syndrome 'the cocktail party allergy,” says Dr. Chris Webber, an allergy/immunology specialist based in Denver, Colorado. “It is surprisingly common among people who have seasonal allergies, but (the sufferers) think there's something strange about (themselves) and never bring it up to doctors or friends. But if you bring it up at a social event, you find it is very, very common.”

Report: Pentagon doesn't know where the money is going

The Defense Department, which has promised to publish a reliable account of how it spends its money by 2017, has discovered that its financial ledgers are in worse shape than expected and that it will have to spend billions of dollars in the coming years to make its financial accounting credible, the Center for Public Integrity reported Thursday.

Photo - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday. He was joined by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen.

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skippy said...

One of the Pentagon's unanswered questions is where the $6.6 billion in cold American cash went after being bundled in pallets, airlifted to Iraq, and promptly stolen in Baghdad in 2004. The irony is that Iraq wants 'their' money back and threatening court action to recover it, too.

$6.6 billion in disappearing dollars is a lot of money having gone missing and may be "the largest theft of funds in national history."

Taxpayers and War Hawks alike should be outraged-- yet few are aware of this massive vanishing act. Known since 2004, the theft is still unsolved and unresolved.

For those skeptical few, here's the CBS News link of the missing billions.

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