Tuesday, October 11, 2011

American companies hitting it out of the ball park on profitability

Watching the baseball world series – even if it’s not your team – is fun. There’s something exciting about watching a home run.

For two straight years American companies have been hitting it out of the ball park on profitability even as the economy has struggled to grow and create jobs faster. Profits being reported for the three months ended Sept. 31 (according to Standard & Poor’s index) are expected to show another home run: double digit earnings growth.

That’s hard to reconcile when I look around this country and watch the 99%ers growing protest against Wall Street and banks greed. Like baseball, there’s two teams: the Have’s and the Have Nots.

As I watch the Rangers and the Tigers go at it in Game 3 tonight, I’m going to be wondering about how those other teams series is going to end. Play ball!

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