Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday stuff: Hackers ‘not scared anymore’, Great White jumps in boat, and a motorcyclist ends up in the back seat of a van

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Seeing as it’s after 11:43 a.m. I can’t say good morning. For those of you who slept in (like me) let’s have a cup of coffee and see what’s interesting in the news today. Oh yeah, for whatever reason a column I wrote on January 23rd ( Meth Kills: So Why is it Still Scourging Our Society?) has been the Most Viewed on the T-S List since 6:00 a.m. I just checked and it’s still #2 on the list. What brought it up? I suspect some well-read Blog somewhere found it and gave a link to their readers. Onward:

Hacker arrests: Some were on Facebook, some blogged

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Going to need a bigger boat: Great white shark leaps aboard

In the words of "Jaws" scientist Matt Hooper, "This is not a boat accident!"

According to the Cape Times, six researchers from South Africa are reflecting on what they describe as the fright of their lives after their own close encounter with a great white shark. The research team from Oceans Research was working off Seal Island, near Mossel Bay, on South Africa's Cape coast, when the nearly 10-foot-long creature reportedly made its move. image source

Motorcyclist hurls through van window, lands in rear seat

A Southern California motorcyclist rear-ended a minivan and was thrown through a window into the back seat but escaped unscathed, police said.

After the incident on Thursday, the driver of the minivan continued driving and pulled into his own driveway nearby, unaware that he had a new backseat passenger, the Victorville Daily Press reported.

"We're calling this one a non-injury collision with a twist," Karen Hunt, spokeswoman for the Victorville Police Department, told the newspaper. Victorville is a town of 115,000 people on the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert.

The incident occurred when the motorcyclist failed to stop in time as the minivan slowed to make a turn, the newspaper reported. The motorcycle then crashed into the van, with the rider hurling through the minivan’s rear window and the motorcycle itself skidding beneath the larger vehicle.

The minivan driver then turned into his driveway, less than half a block away, and was preparing to return to the scene when he realized the stunned motorcyclist was in his backseat, the paper reported.

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