Friday, July 22, 2011

Random thought: Stop calling Social Security an entitlement …

I don’t know about you, but I paid into Social Security throughout my career. I invested in a program that promised to help me out when I needed it in my “Golden” years.

So, I’m sick and tired of those asshats, on either side of the aisle, who call Social Security an entitlement program (like it’s somehow a tax payer giveaway).

The morons currently steering the Good Ship America are about to run it aground because they think Social Security is a give-away program for bums and old people. It’s one of many reasons they cite. Calling it an entitlement is a slap in the face of every American who has ever paid into the program. It’s been automatic all of our working years. The administration gathers up those revenues for future payouts to retirees, and the disabled.

Holding the nation hostage (debt crisis) to fill an agenda meant to strip away parts of something all Americans earned is an act of domestic terrorism!

Social Security does need reforms like any government entity that becomes stagnant and doesn’t pursue people who scam the system. I’ve heard the old refrain again and again : “There’s not enough money to chase the culprits who rip the system off.” It’s the same thing other government agencies say, such as the FDA. There’s something to that argument. But it’s still a situation that can be solved. And the billions recovered will help keep it solvent for the future.

My main gripe, is politicians who portray Social Security as something akin to a handout! That’s bullshit and the result of extreme conservatives trying to demonize the whole program. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out – are you ready for some prime irony? – wealthy elderly tea baggers are leading the charge!

As It Stands, the tea bag party negative influence in the House of Representatives is one reason the nation is on the brink of financial disaster right now…and their response? Let America default on loans and obligations to the American people – to them it’s all about ideology not reality.

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Stephen said...

The corporate capitalist system doesn't care about elders or disabled or sick or infirm if they can't make money off these people, people like you and me and eventually every single one of us. Social government is a contract by the people to have a decent society but in America, social government is held hostage to corporate capitalist interests which override humanitarian concerns or ideas of a government organizing society to benefit ALL members and not an elite of wealthy ones.

As it is, America's economic system, corporate capitalist, aims to rid the whole system of what it considers economic leeches, us again, who are no longer in the workforce producing salable products for corporate profit. So they lobby the Republicans who are led by these very same corporate interest, their campaigns financed by said corps to the benefit of corporate capitalists, not your benefit but theirs.

Socialist systems that incorporate capitalist enterprise and not vice-versa, ones like the Scandinavian models are what's needed here but as long as our media and elected representatives are being bought off and overwhelmed with ads and money, the chance of the average citizen getting accurate information comparing European healthcare systems to America's for example, there won't be change. Republicans and their media corporations will see to that, that any accurate info from Europe or NZ or other places with humane and sane healthcare systems won't be heard or if heard buried under a ton of opposing ads and political campaigning against it social democracy, the right of all free people to have the best system they as a whole can devise.