Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet the Bachmanns' "Ex-Lesbian" Friend and Gay Hating Ministry

Janet Boynes.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, people are so ignorant about homosexuality. Or is it something worse?

They’ll say and do anything to discredit a all homosexuals, regardless of the facts involved. All we’re really talking about is intolerance here: 

Janet Boynes discusses her 14 "miserable" years as a lesbian

and her ministry to those who want to "leave the homosexual lifestyle."

You can change from gay to straight—I'm a living example of that," Boynes, 53, said. Having renounced lesbianism 13 years ago, she now runs a Maple Grove, Minn. organization called Janet Boynes Ministries that proclaims to minister to those who don't want to be gay anymore. Over the course of our conversation, Boynes likened homosexuality to drug addiction and pointed to a variety of causes for it, from domineering mothers to hanging around too much with gay people. She voiced her fear that half the nation's families might one day be helmed by same-sex couples.

On her website, she boasts an old endorsement from the then-state senator ("Janet's life is a powerful testimony of the Janet Boynes' book "Called Out."changes that Christ can bring"). In 2005, Marcus Bachmann gave a talk called "The Truth to the Homosexual Lifestyle" at the Minnesota Pastors' Summit, and, according to attendee Curt Prins, Boynes was part of the presentation.

Prins, a gay tech marketer who attended the conference to gather intelligence on "the other side," recalls Boynes, a long-haired woman with striking features, putting up a "before" photo of herself as a lesbian, with short hair and mannish clothes.

The contrast prompted gasps and laughter from the audience. More recently, in her 2008 memoir, Called Out: A Former Lesbian's Discovery of Freedom, Boynes thanked "Marcus and Michele," saying "you never left my side when things got tough."

For his part, Marcus Bachmann has since been selling the book in the lobby of his clinic alongside a typed placard saying "Janet is a friend," according to this photograph taken by an undercover gay activist.”

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