Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Roger Christie: a man with a ministry that promotes THC

This is the first time I’ve run across someone building a legitimate ministry on Marijuana. There’s probably more out there. I just don’t know where.

I found this site when someone told me my recent column “The government has a monopoly on growing and researching marijuana,” was featured.

Interested in becoming a THC Ministry? Here you go:

“The Minster’s Sanctuary Kit includes powerful legal precedents, successful cases, a history of Roger’s religious credentials and successful court actions and positive critiques from all the major cannabis magazines: High Times,Cannabis Culture, Heads, and Skunk.

  • You will receive the Minister membership I.D. cards with self-laminators for your wallet
  • 2 Sanctuary signs to secure your home and garden
  • THC Ministry affidavit
  • Sacrament/Plant tags for your stash bag and plants, and
  • All the documentation necessary to build the foundation for your own religious freedom.

The kit has approximately 130 pages of well-researched materials with research done on the state, national and international level. Included in the kit are real Motions to Dismiss marijuana charges written by lawyers and used successfully by members of our Ministry.”

Still want to know more? Click here to visit this unique ministry.


Steve Lewis said...

You don't need to join any religious organization to secure your right to use marijuana if you are a Christian. It's right there in the Bible in Genesis that God gave every herb on earth to human beings for their use. Just demand your right to practice Christian beliefs if you believe the marijuana herb is a sacrament or beneficial to your health and well-being.

rogerchristie said...

Hello Stephen,

Aloha. Thanks for your response. I wish you were correct that a religious defense to prosecution based on the simple Jewish Bible references of Genesis 1:11 and 1:29 was all that's needed to win a marijuana charge. I pray to see that day, and then I'll go back to the beach!

No one has to join us or do anything; we're just here to help, if and when needed, to add more peace of mind to people of the Cannabis culture. We've documented over 100 successes 'under arrest conditions' with our method, and we're enjoying our religious freedom daily after over nine years of experience.

All the very best to you,



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