Thursday, August 27, 2009

Even higher taxes coming for Californians

Things aren’t bad enough for the state bean-counters, so they raise our taxes again!

This just makes the case that California is becoming too expensive to live in. I wonder how many people, and businesses have escaped this cash-strapped state since last year? Maybe, in some ways that’s good. It cuts down on the population!

Here’s the latest news about the public screwing in the works…

While Californians are still feeling the sting of income and sales tax hikes signed into law earlier this year, now comes news that state tax authorities plan to take a little more from their pockets.
For only the second time in 30 years, the tax board is lowering the point where each tax bracket begins, bumping many people into a higher category. At the same time, officials are cutting back some deductions. Everyone will pay more, even people whose bracket or income doesn't change.
The extra sums will total as much as $140 per family, on top of the increases previously enacted.”

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