Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beware of the ‘Snitches’

I found this link on Redheaded Blackbelt and was impressed by the way these bloggers go after people in West Virginia. Check it out…

The SNITCH LIST is a collection of info about persons known to supply information to law enforcement for their own personal gain, or to avoid their own consequences.

We realize that… …sometimes people may not have said what police claim, or are threatened or tricked into giving up that information-it can happen to almost anyone. But there are others who snitch for revenge, just to make a few bucks, or perhaps avoid going to jail or prison…These are the people we wish to showcase. Our goal is not a punitive one, our goal is to take a bite out of one of West Virginia’s  most abused weapons—The “Confidential Reliable” or Paid Informant.

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to read more about snitchs and prison correction guards gone bad!

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