Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help: can you tell me why we pay such outrageous prices for gasoline in Humboldt County?

Cartoon by Bob Conroy via EGPNews

If there’s one drawback to living in Humboldt County it’s the price we pay for gasoline!

Our little county continues to lead the nation in paying the highest prices for fuel. I’ve heard a lot of theories about why this is, and thus far none seem to be on the mark.

Does anyone have the answer out there in blog land? Please…enlighten me. Meanwhile, here’s the latest news on oil prices…

Oil prices fell again Wednesday as traders awaited a government report that could show if Americans are using more gasoline and crude.

Benchmark crude for October delivery slipped $1.05 to $71 a barrel. In London, Brent crude fell 99 cents to $70.83.

Crude prices soared last week after the government reported that U.S. crude stockpiles fell by the largest amount in nearly a year. Even though the report could be explained by a sharp drop U.S. petroleum imports, the benchmark contract surged, touching new highs for three straight days until it hit $75 a barrel on Tuesday.” Click here to read the rest at MSNBC.

Nothing from the article above explains why we get the dubious honor of leading the nation in fuel prices.

It’s not like Humboldt County is the most remote county in the nation. Surely there others more remote than ours that still pay less than we do?

Perhaps it’s just the price of living in paradise.


Anonymous said...

I hope you figure it out because its outrageous!

Even the Eureka Costco is more expensive than the Willits' gas stations.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think this cartoon says it all. Why are oil companies allowed to charge outrageous prices for gasoline in Humboldt County? Probably the most honest answer is 'because they can'. Unchecked greed is going to be the ruin of us.

Anonymous said...

I was in Alaska and the residents there said the only drawback to living there was the outrageous price of gas. No refineries there, all oil had to be shipped out then gas shipped back causing high prices... it was cheaper than here.
I guess it costs more to ship gas to here as it does to Alaska.

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